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Parents Play it Safe for 2010

Mr Price Safe PlaceDuring the last World Cup in Germany, 30,000 children were reported missing.

However, instead of reinforcing these growing fears, Mr Price’s RedCap Foundation, the Development House, Childline, the Open Door Crisis Care Center and the eThekwini Municipality have come up with a proactive solution – provide easily accessible safe havens for youngsters.

Mr Price stores countrywide have been declared “Safe Places” aimed at protecting South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens – its children – during the Soccer World Cup.

FIFA has put in place the necessary measures to deal with lost children at fan parks across South Africa in partnership with the relevant government and section 21 organizations. However, children are just as vulnerable in crowded shopping malls and city centers. They need familiar, accessible and friendly places to go to for help. Mr Price stores countrywide were identified as the perfect refuge for frightened tots and teens.

The motivation behind the project is to protect vulnerable children as well as reassure parents during the busy holiday and World Cup period between June 11 and July 11.

Mr Price is asking parents to play their part in making the "Safe Place 2010 campaign" a success by reading promotional and educational material that is being distributed by Mr Price stores, in the press and on radio stations, pointing out logos and signage that will tell their children exactly where to go and who to approach for help and explaining carefully what will happen once they have asked for assistance.

Every Mr Price store will be staffed with personnel trained by Open Door and The Development House. These 'Go To' people will be wearing large "Safe Place" badges and all Store Managers will wear a 'Safe Place' T-shirt. These designated staff will be trained to ensure that the necessary authorities are contacted and procedure is followed to assist a child to be reunited with their parent/appropriate guardian.

Please support this project and pass the message on to parents and anyone who takes care of children.  Please follow or friend these sites for the duration of the World Cup and invite your friends to do the same.  And please pass this email on to others on your mailing list.  We don’t want missing or stolen children marring this great event, so let’s take this small action to pass on information that could avert the crisis in the lives of some children.

Read material in pdf format.

Thanks to Charlotte and other moms who forwarded information. Together we will have a wonderful Soccer World Cup experience!

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