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Let Kids Get Organised

Home DzineYoung children need plenty of storage, and it's good to get them into being organised from an early age - and less work for you when they grow up! Large shelf units - filled with labelled containers - are ideal for storage in play spaces. Teach children what it means to be organised, and provide plenty of praise when they do well.

Whilst it's convenient to have a large toy box, it actually creates more cleanup by its nature. Using smaller bins - preferably stacking or in tiers - allow toys to be sorted by their type or use. Besides allowing kids to play with the set they want, (without dumping everything else out), it can make cleanup time just as easy and can be turned into a fun, educational activity for children.

The trick to making organising more fun is to provide plenty of different storage containers in bright, primary colours. Make sure that everything is labelled - or given a descriptive picture - so that children will know what toys belong in particular containers and boxes. If you can't find plastic storage containers in the right colours, or you want to use specific colours for a decorating scheme, then you can easily use Rust-Oleum Spray for Plastic to transform them. Boxes can easily be covered with wrapping paper or fabric scraps to make them more attractive. Some of the best storage items on the market are organizers that come in a variety of awesome kid colors.

Home DzineWhen decorating a bedroom for a toddler or young child, look for furniture that offers space saving options and additional storage without sacrificing on valuable floor space. Beds can easily be designed to have pull-out drawers or additional beds for sleepovers.

For older children think about space saving options that provide for sleeping, having friends over, a place to study and plenty of storage space, yet still provide for a bedroom that offers enough space for activities.

Home DzineWhen they are still young you can teach children how to clean up their mess. Most children won’t have a problem cleaning up if it’s made easy for them. When organising kids rooms, encouraging your child to give to others those toys that they don’t want is not only a good life lesson in sharing, but it will help declutter their room.


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