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Just Us 4 Kids - current cases

Just Us 4 Children is currently funding the following :-

Case 1

It has been reported by a 14 year old boy that a man living in his block in an underprivileged area is sexually abusing two little girls. This has been reported to the police but unfortunately nothing is being done. The parents of these children are not in a position to move, cannot leave their jobs to stay at home and cannot afford any assistance.

We have begun an investigation through The Guardian and it is clear that this abuse is happening, we require funds to take the investigation to an arrest level.

Case 2

A swimming teacher was arrested about two months ago for the sexual abuse of two young children. This was only after a specialist child abuse investigator was employed by the parents and the school when nothing had been done by the police after 14 months. The case went to court approximately two weeks ago and had to be remanded because the police had not done any work as requested by the prosecutor.

We cannot allow this man to go free and would like to raise the money to ensure the private investigator (The Guardian) finish the case with the prosecutor. (see attached article)

Case 3

The last case is another swimming teacher who abused a young girl, she is no longer being abused but believes that this teacher’s current students are more than likely being abused as she was.

We are conducting a preliminary investigation through The Guardian.

Just Us 4 KidsIf you can help in any way for the Just Us4Kids project, please contact Nicky.