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Apples & Pears go Hand-in-Hand

Wilde Pressed Fruit JuiceAs moms, we know that fruit adds an important part to a healthy diet, but getting your 5-a-day may seem almost impossible, considering our hectic lifestyles. Wilde Fruit Juice is a convenient boost to help you along your way to reach a well-balanced, recommended daily intake.

Mixing different types of fruit juice into one juice mocktail is an exciting and innovative taste sensation that's really worth the try. It not only contributes to your 5 a day but it's fun to mix too. An interesting combination is pear and apple juice. Pears are believed to be related to apples, that's why pear juice blends in perfectly when mixed with apple juice.

Wilde's apple juice and pear juice is pressed and squeezed, just as you would do at home - that's why you get a cloudy, natural juice. Wilde contains only fruit juice - no preservatives or added sugar!

You're probably wondering why Wilde didn't introduce a brand new Apple & Pear edition to their existing range of pure pressed fruit juices. Well, Wilde believes that their 100% fruit juices should remain 100% - that's why they're leaving the blending to you! It's great for the kids to get involved too.

The unique packaging process enables Wilde to last much longer without being preserved. Wilde Fruit Juice is among South Africa's first long life fruit juice brands and it has an extended shelf life of up to eight months outside the cold chain.

Wilde Fruit Juice has an interactive blog that is updated regularly, so that consumers remain informed about their favourite fruit juice brand. Visit  and follow the link to the blog from there. The blog is interactive, so feel free to interact via comments.

Wilde Pressed Fruit Juice - Apple and Pear

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