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Teen Scene - What do you think?

There doesn't seem to be many safe entertainment options for young teenagers, and hearing her 13 year old daughter repeatedly say "There's nothing to do" has sparked an idea in this mom's mind...

"The idea behind Teen Scene was that children in this area have very little to do that doesn’t involve going to Gateway where they are left unattended. With all the hype around the world cup, we had a look at our home and decided that it just leant itself to entertaining and that we could put on a service for young teens.

I have a 13 year old daughter and get very tired of hearing “There is nothing to do!”. Also, most of the high schools (unless of course private) are separated so that girls and boys don’t go to school together anymore.

Now, this too is an issue as my teenage daughter then doesn’t get exposure to boys her own age unless they know someone who knows someone else…. (you get my thoughts on this?)

So, we then considered that that we could provide a safe, secure venue for teens (13-15) as a place to go, to socialize, relax and have fun. My husband is with SAPS in Durban North, so safety is our first priority for the children and ensuring that they behave in an age appropriate manner.

If you are wondering why we’ve chosen 13-15 years, (besides for the fact that I have a daughter in that age group), we have also found that at 16, the children come with a whole different pile of needs/wants. I don't think we're quite ready for that just yet!

We also gave some thought that we can’t just a have a disco each week as that may get boring on an ongoing basis. So, this is why we thought we would vary the idea’s for each week.

  • Our opening night would be a disco,
  • Then maybe a bring and braai (we could put on rolls and salads etc) and the children could (under supervision, of course) cook their own food and interact with one another.
  • Another option would be a movie night (we supply popcorn and the movie) and then we could try a games night.
  • In summer a pool party could be arranged if parents were ok with it
  • and then any other idea’s that the kids come up with we would look and see if we could accommodate them.

So, in some ways the concept is a bit like “Youth” but not linked to any form of religion.

Like I said, this would be hosted on our property, in Glenashley,  we have a decking (64 squares) and under that a bar area (no alcohol for the kids!) …. There is a trampoline that they could have fun on too…

We would charge an entrance fee of R50 per child. The parents would need to sign and indemnity form and the children would need to understand that they are on the property until their parents come to collect them again between 10 and 11pm.

We would not be providing food for the children but cooldrinks and sweets would be on sale.

What do you think? Would you rather your child hang around Gateway during the evening or be involved in something where there is paretnal control: