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Decorating Teens Bedrooms

Have you been battling to understand exactly what décor your teenager is trying to create in their room?  Do the two of you disagree regularly on this topic?  Are you lacking confidence and do you feel as though you can never choose the right item?  If you replied ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are not alone.

Interior decorator Karen, of Kideco Design Sense knows exactly how you feel, as she deals with clients in this situation regularly.  Believe it or not, Karen reports of recently meeting a 3 year old that already was very specific about the colour lilac she wanted in her room; exactly where the feature wall with darker paint colour was to be, and the precise amount of ‘bling’ that was required in her room! 

What Karen finds is that many of our youth tend to dislike the mix-and-match principle that their parents were brought up with and know.  Teens prefer stark rooms, black accents adding excessively bright colours, and often tend to have colours and patterns almost ‘clashing’.  As you may have found out – it takes skill to get such a room to work.

Decorating a Teenagers BedroomThe current trend of mixing different textures and patterns in a décor scheme appeals to this type of personality.  Here we add a lot of textured accessories and finishing touches of leather, braid, tiebacks, beads, pompoms, fringes or feathers. 

This photo to the left shows a brightly coloured patterned voile fabric, with a closing curtain of a blue-mauve colour.  

The feather and bead tie-back was custom made to include some of the colours of the voile.  A perfect pattern introduced in this room was one with printed multi-colour dots.  Dots being a good choice for teens.  Being fun & energetic, they work well in a modern environment. 

The latest craze of patterned wallpaper appeals to Teenagers as well as parents.  Yes, one can tire of some designs, but it is an easy way of changing the mood of the room, without changing any furniture, curtains or even artwork!  This of course saves you money in the long run. 

Wallpaper is often used in one feature wall to create an impact. (Imported wallpapers are cheaper per metre than imported fabric.) 

Kideco Interior DesignKaren runs décor courses for the homeowner/renovator & those in related décor fields. A special course has been designed for teenagers and students commencing 14th June in Durban, It covers many of these life skills and principles, while helping students work on ‘decorating their own bedroom’.