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Random Thoughts of an Aussie Expat...

The Aussie ExpatNikki is an Aussie expat in Durban, trying to be the modern woman and have it all – meaningful life, career, children, husband and fabulous holidays (not necessarily in that order). Here is an exerpt from her blog, Random thoughts of an Aussie expat living in another continent starting with A 

"Crime and its impact was something that I was terribly worried about when making the decision to move here, especially when you have to consider not only your own personal safety but also the safety of your children – your most precious possessions. 

I can happily say in my experience here so far I have not been put in a position where I have been concerned for my safety or that of my family.

Now I say to everyone else – Come On Over!

When I was arranging to pick up my brother at the airport recently – 6'3" and not the fullback physique he used to have – he said – "Don’t leave me hanging too long."  "Really", I told him, "the only thing that is likely to happen at Durban ‘International’ Airport is you are going to die of boredom".

I think he may have also been surprised when we arrived at our complex and there were no armed guards with Uzi’s to be seen but just a few friendly fellows trundling the gates open for us.

Whenever he would start to relax a bit I would do something to once again upset his ‘alertness’, like at a supermarket in Cape Town he was walking towards the door with his wallet and money still in his hands, so I said – "Put your money away before we go outside."

"Why?" (jumps back slightly from door).

"The same reason as every country in the world – someone might see it and think it looks easy to get."

Aussie Expat's thoughts on South AfricaThe point is – it made me realise that South African crime rates are very high profile overseas – everyone tends to think that if you come here something terrible will befall you.

I know that there is crime and terrible things do happen – I do not wish to take away from those that have had things happen to them – but I do know more people who have been mugged in the Sydney CBD on the way to work than I personally* know who have been victims of crime here.  (*I put the 'personally' in because my husband’s office is in the Durban downtown area where the crime rate is a little higher than the leafy suburbs we are lucky enough to live in to the north – and as regular readers know I don’t have that many local friends – yet.)

Coincidentally, after I had started writing this post a Twitter discussion arose on crime in South Africa from those that had been affected by it and others that knew people who had been affected by it (none of whom are currently living in South Africa).  It reinforced to me that I should spread the word about our positive experiences so far.

And after last week we also now have three sets of live visitors who have been, seen and survived to tell the tale.

So plan a trip, come on over – its really an amazingly beautiful place & I’m here (that bit is just for people I know – other people just enjoy the place).  My brother’s coming back he says, so if he can survive a return trip – no need for you guys to worry!"

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