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Noeleen's Kick Start Eating Plan

Noeleen Bridle's "It Works For Me"Noeleen Bridle, Durban's top fitness and lifestyle coach, shares the secrets of losing that excess weight and keeping it off.

Below is my Level 3 Eating Plan which I recommend as a one week kick-start to your new eating programme. This high form of control will give you results which will motivate you to continue on this path. Remember to measure your hip area and across the widest part of your buttocks before you start.

Eliminate all tea, coffee, alcohol, junk food, sweets and eating out. This is only for 7 days so if you really want to make a change then you must commit to the plan.

Your fridge should contain two potions of cooked quinoa, legumes and four cooked egg whites prepared and ready to add to low dense carbs everyday.

Also cook a large batch of tasty onion and tomato mix with peppers, mushrooms, herbs and spices (oil-free) to keep in your fridge for a few days and add to your food.

07h00   2 fruits and 1 fat-free yoghurt


Salad (e.g. lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, pepperdews etc)
and two cooked egg whites with balsamic or Tabasco)
13h00   3 Tbsp cooked quinoa, flavoured to your tastes (e.g. lemon juice
garlic, curry, chilli) with 1 cup assorted green and white veggies.
16h00   Stuff half a gem squash with 1 Tbsp legumes (flavoured lentils,
baked beans, chickpeas, etc) and cooked onion and tomato mix.
19h00   60g Tofu or 3 Tbsp cooked quinoa with tasty vegetable stir fry -
using Pepperdew juice instead of oil.

Drink lemon/lime-flavoured water and herbal teas.

Go for it!  Watch out for next month's follow-up programme which will show you how to cheat 20% of the time on this programme and still keep the weight off.

If you would like to ask Noeleen any questions please go to:  or post your questions to MomsMatter and we'll pass them on to Noeleen.

Noeleen's Kick Start Eating Plan for youNoeleen Bridle is a health and fitness coach specialising in formulating exercise and nutritional programmes for individuals. Her successful Strength and Mind gyms in Durban and Mount Edgecombe are testament to the knowledge she has gained over a lifetime of athletic endeavour and of teaching the many satisfied clients who have attained their ideal body shapes.

She also presents highly motivating, dynamic and humorous talks which focus on taking control of your mind and your body.

Noeleen teaches what she knows best: fitness and vitality. She works with clients on developing a healthy body and mind, and now includes a nutritional programme which she has devised through her hands-on experience with many individual body types and personalities.  Her fitness and nutrition handbook, “It Works for Me” was recently published by Struik/Random House and is available at all leading book stores.