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Moms - Kick Start Your New Shape!

Noeleen's Kick Start Eating Plan for YouNoeleen Bridle, Durban's top fitness and lifestyle coach, shares the secrets of losing that excess weight and keeping it off.

Whether you are a single mother, first-time mother or mother of teenage children, you need peace of mind and strength of will to cope with getting through the day. Believe it or not, it is your perception and the way you choose to see things that will make all the difference to your coping mechanisms.

Sit down with a pen and paper and make a few rules about what foods you are going to eliminate over the next week - don't think too far ahead - and how you can structure a few runs or walks to fit into your daily routine.

One of the easiest routes to change the ongoing dynamic nature of your thoughts (joyful, angry, loving, fearful, confident, despairing, etc), is by escaping. Yes, a healthy form of escapism which includes any form of exercise will enable you to take much firmer control of your mind… and in turn your body. Often an out-of-control mind begets an out-of-shape body so if your body is out of shape, overweight - or underweight - you can seize control of it by embarking on an exercise regime.

Our minds are all the same no matter what size or shape we're in, and if we have overindulged, become lethargic, "let ourselves go", then we need a kick-start to reload our mindsets. Although exercise alone will not change your body, a regular run, walk or gym session will kick-start your mind into a new mode of thinking. Exercise acts as a tool to strengthen our minds so that we are able to make better food choices throughout the day, but don’t assume that exercise alone will keep your fat level or weight down.

Control over your eating starts with daily preparation. Do you have an eating plan that works for you? If not, do you know what constitutes the three food groups? Of these, what proportions are you eating? The answer is carbohydrates (high density and low density), proteins and fats, and your proportions should be 70/15/15 with the emphasis on low density carbs such as green veggies and fruit rather than potatoes, rice and pasta.

Are you eating three large meals a day and snacking in between?  If so, you will ultimately gain weight. Eating five small meals a day will satisfy your hunger and eliminate your cravings to snack in between. However, with a new baby or the daily demands of teenagers, you might think there's not enough time to eat five times a day. There is if you make sure you have the correct ingredients for your five meals and spend a little time the night before preparing.

Click here to see my Level 3 Eating Plan which I recommend as a one week kick-start to your new eating programme.

If you would like to ask Noeleen any questions please go to:  or post your questions to MomsMatter and we'll pass them on to Noeleen.

Noeleen Bridle's "It Works For Me"Noeleen Bridle is a health and fitness coach specialising in formulating exercise and nutritional programmes for individuals. Her successful Strength and Mind gyms in Durban and Mount Edgecombe are testament to the knowledge she has gained over a lifetime of athletic endeavour and of teaching the many satisfied clients who have attained their ideal body shapes.

She also presents highly motivating, dynamic and humorous talks which focus on taking control of your mind and your body. Noeleen teaches what she knows best: fitness and vitality. She works with clients on developing a healthy body and mind, and now includes a nutritional programme which she has devised through her hands-on experience with many individual body types and personalities.  Her fitness and nutrition handbook, “It Works for Me” was recently published by Struik/Random House and is available at all leading book stores.