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What Are Your Children Doing Online?

Computer safety online for kidsIn the Internet age, our children use the computer as much as or maybe more than their parents do. Kids use the Internet to do homework, play video games, converse with their friends and more.

As parents, we want and need to protect our kids. Stories of Internet stalking or pedophilia petrify us. We want to protect our kids so we establish rules for computer use and do whatever we can to instill in them that although they feel safe in their home at the computer, they should still be wary of strangers.

Many children and teens have computers in their bedrooms so it can be difficult to watch their every online move. Although we've told them to be cautious, we know that as children sometimes we had to go through the trial of mistakes to learn from our parents warnings. We know in our hearts that our kids don't obey our every rule.

If you want to be absolutely sure of just exactly what your children are doing, you can install computer surveillance software to help you. This software runs secretly in the background without seriously impeding the personal computer's performance and then sends you information on what your children are doing online.

This software tracks and logs every website visited, every file downloaded every keystroke and view within every instant message conversation or e-mail. Having this information can help you protect your children. If you suspect your kids are doing things that they shouldn't online, this can give you the information you need. Whether you are an advanced computer user or someone with very little knowledge, you can easily install this software and run it discreetly.
Teach your kids to be safe online
Statistically, the vast majority of children who go online and chat with strangers are approached for sex. Sexual predators often hide in chat rooms under the disguise of being a child themselves. We also need to be sure that our children are not sending out personal information or pictures.

Parents set rules for their children and many sit watching their children online but as kids become older and the information age more and more mainstream, it's difficult to watch their every move. As parents, we want to give our children the freedom of making their own choices under our guidance. But sometimes, we need to have extra peace of mind in knowing that we can protect them and ensure their safety.

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