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Of this and that...

Editorial regarding child abduction attempt - Northglen News"Please keep your children safe"
by Michelle Dennis, editor Northglen News.

There have been a number of emails about strangers trying to be-friend children at shopping centres.

When we received the email about the Umhlanga mother who saw a man take her daughter’s hand and walk away at gateway, we were shocked.

However, as we well know in this business, before we react, we have to check the facts.

So, we met the mother who told us what happened. She had also viewed a replay of the incident captured on Gateway’s security cameras. We are therefore satisfied it did happen.

And this means parents and guardians of children have to be vigilant and make sure they know where their children are all the time. This is the time we assist each other with lifting children and sharing holiday play-times.

We don’t want to panic, as CPF chairman said, child trafficking has been happening any way, the World Cup has simply made people more aware. But we do want to be responsible and make sure our children are supervised all the time.

We also have to teach them about ‘stranger danger’ and not to trust any stranger.

Note that Gateway Theatre of Shopping is taking child safety seriously. It has joined a special task team comprising various government and private officials to tackle the issue of child safety and concerns around human trafficking.

As the spearhead organisation for this project, gateway ahs provided the platform and resources to facilitate the project. The centre has been the meeting place for the parties involved: Umhlanga crisis team, Business Against Crime, Metro, Provincial division human trafficking, shopping centre management and security personnel.

“A decision was taken to get actively involved with the task team following the various reports of incidents around the city. The fact that one of the incidents took place on our site confirmed our commitment to this project and the need for efforts like these across the country,” said Adrian Raw, Gateway Centre manager.

“We value the public for visiting our mall. Their safety and comfort remain paramount to us. Many of the efforts made by the mall go unnoticed. Weekly the Umhlanga Crisis team in s called in to take over cases involving lost children.

Abby Dyayanand, provincial co-ordinator human trafficking DPCI KZN, said: “We applaud the initiative taken by Gateway in participating and facilitating the is project. While the number of incidents taking place around the country are a reminder of what could happen, it is important to remember than human trafficking has been happening in this country for years, and is nothing new. One cannot attribute every strange incident to human trafficking.”

"Of this and that", the weekly column published in the Northglen News by the editor, Michelle Dennis. Published with permission.

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