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A - Z of Common Pregnancy Niggles - Management

Pregnancy niggles from A to ZCongratulations!! You are pregnant and your body is about to embark on the most amazing changes over the next nine months.

You will probably be told of the more common niggles that can occur when you are pregnant such as the morning sickness in the early days as well as backache as your pregnancy develops but there are also many more common complaints that may occur whilst your baby is growing inside you.


  • Ensure you are taking your pregnancy vitamins as prescribed by your doctor
  • Diet is very important during pregnancy: eat foods rich in iron & if you have lost your appetite (common in the first 3 months) try & replace the food with a shake  that has the necessary vitamins & iron in it


  • Try not lift heavy objects & ensure that your knees are bent when lifting things or bending over.
  • In the latter months of your pregnancy, you can wear a supportive band which can be bought at  most baby & pregnancy outlets.
  • Rest as much as possible to ease an aching back

Bleeding Gums

  • Brush teeth gently when pregnant to prevent trauma to the gums & to minimise bleeding

Braxton Hicks Contractions

  • There is not too much that can be done as these cannot be prevented. Although Braxton Hicks contractions should not cause pain, they can be uncomfortable. If you are experiencing discomfort then it is advisable to lie down until they pass


  • Decrease all extra activities that  worsen the breathlessness. Try & rest as much as possible in order for your breathing to go back to normal.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Some tissue salts have been reported to work in this syndrome – chat to your gynae or visit a health shop for advice on which ones


  • Increase fluid intake to prevent constipation as well as ensure you have adequate amounts of fibre in your diet.
  • Do regular exercise
  • Eat slowly & chew your food properly
  • Iron supplements can make this worse so take these  with orange or prune juice
  • Try drink either very hot or very cold liquid on an empty stomach
  • Eat a handful of raisins before going to bed
  • Try & avoid commercial laxatives & enemas
  • Molasses is a natural laxative – add a teaspoon to a cup of boiled water & drink in the morning or with warm milk at night


  • Ensure you are taking your vitamins as prescribed
  • Drink plenty of water especially on a hot day or when exercising
  • Exercise regularly to increase circulation & to decrease  blood pooling in your lower extremities
  • Do plenty of leg stretches especially to stretch the calf muscle


  • If you really can’t ignore them, then eat a little of what your body feels like but try to eat these in moderation in order to prevent unnecessary weight gain


  • Ensure you are taking deep breaths especially when feeling faint
  • Eat small frequent meals during the day to ensure blood sugar levels are stable
  • Try not sleep on your back as the weight of the uterus puts pressure on the major blood vessels causing you to feel faint

Frequent Toilet Stops

  • Not much you can do about this one except make a note of where all the decent toilets are around town!!


  • Eat frequent meals & nutritious snacks
  • Potential triggers are caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners or too little sleep


  • Try to remain sitting for about half an hour after eating
  • Eat small frequent meals
  • Often a certain foodstuff causes the heartburn so identify the trigger food & avoid eating it
  • Over the counter ant acids can provide some relief


  • Try & get as comfortable as possible at bedtime
  • Eliminate too many naps during the day
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine close to bedtime
  • If you can’t get to sleep then rather get up & do something else before going back to bed & trying again

Morning Sickness

  • Identify when the worst time is for you
  • Sometimes eating a small meal can actually make you feel better
  • Ginger apparently also helps with nausea so try a ginger biscuit or some ginger tea to sip on


  • If you are in nesting mode, there is not too much you can do to stop yourself. Just don’t tire yourself out too much.

Porridge Brain

  • No cure for this one either but if you find one, let me know!!

Stretch Marks

  • Some women are just prone to getting stretch marks but there are some very good vitamin oils on the market  which can be used daily to try & prevent them from occurring
  • Ensure that you are wearing a good fitting bra to try & prevent stretch marks from appearing on your breasts

Tender Breasts

  • Wear a good, well fitting bra during the day
  • It is also a good idea to buy a more comfortable bra to sleep in at night in order to ease the discomfort


  • Rest as much as possible & don’t feel guilty about it
  • Try & cut down on extra chores & activities in the last few months
  • If you are lucky enough to finish work a few weeks before the baby is due, use this time to relax & rest

Varicose Veins

  • Try & rest your legs by sitting with your feet up as much as possible
  • Support stockings can be worn if the veins are starting to cause discomfort

information contributed by Arlaine Oxenham from Babies on Beachway