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Refreshments for the Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny loves a snackJust like Santa, the Easter Bunny also enjoys a snack during her travels, so you may like to encourage your child to leave something out for her to nibble. Carrots are a popular low maintenance snack, as it is well known that bunnies love to munch on carrots.

Or go beyond carrots! For a more ambitious parent, you could choose to make a baked item like carrot cake that can be left for the Easter Bunny. 

Pour a drink for the Easter Bunny. Give the Easter Bunny something to wash down his treat. Milk or juices are easy to leave out.

Leave a note with the Easter Bunny snack. Let the child draw a picture for the Easter Bunny or write a letter. These keepsakes can be set out beside the snack.

A tip for the 'Easter Bunny'

  • Remember to eat some of the treats left out for the Easter Bunny. Your child is sure to wake up and want to see how much the Easter Bunny ate. Don't let the side down - especially if there's carrot cake involved!

Enjoy the holiday and have a blessed Easter!

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