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How to 'help' the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter to Moms who Matter, and all the soon-to-be chocolated out kidsSometimes the Easter Bunny is so busy, she doesn't make it to every house! If the Easter Bunny has not arrived at your house by the time your children have been asleep for half an hour, you may have to step in and be a proxy Easter Bunny. 

Here's how you can 'help' the Easter Bunny:

Things You'll Need:

  • Easter Eggs / Candy / Treats
  • Easter Baskets (or container for the 'stash')
  • Darkness

Step 1

  • Once your children have been asleep for half an hour, if the Easter Bunny has not shown up at your house to hide eggs, you will have to step in.
  • Carefully and quietly fill in for the Easter Bunny and fill the Easter Baskets.
  • Fill the baskets in your bedroom, then if the Easter Bunny shows up while you're doing it you can pack everything up and there will be no harm. If your child wakes up and sees you filling baskets quickly shove them under the duvet.

Step 2

  • Leave the baskets in your bedroom (for now).
  • Count the eggs. (This is important so that you will know when your children have found all of them.)
  • Now hide the eggs.
  • If you have really small children or toddlers, hide Easter Eggs in the open where they will be sure to find them. Try to hide eggs at the eye level of smaller kids. If you have a mixed bunch of children of different ages, hide some Easter Eggs on the floor, and then some at every level in between there and the ceiling.
  • In some homes the Easter Bunny hides eggs in only one room but other families find hidden Easter eggs all through the house. We have such a stunning climate in South Africa, that our Easter Bunny might even hide eggs outside (NB: last year this 'Easter Bunny' discovered that monkeys also enjoy chocolate).
  • If your children wake up and see you hiding Easter Eggs, shove them up your shirt.
Step 3
  • Once all the Easter Eggs are hidden, quietly bring the baskets out from your room and put them in a spot of prominent display, for the children to collect their stash of treats. 

Step 4

  • Now you can go to bed knowing that you have filled in for the Easter Bunny. If she shows up after all of your efforts she'll re-hide the eggs and mix up the baskets so there will still be surprises (or the monkeys may help you with sprinklings of foil wrapping all over the garden).
  • When your children wake up in the morning they can search for the Easter Eggs, fill their baskets, and secretly munch a little choclate before breakfast!

Enjoy the holiday and have a blessed Easter!

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