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What is Home Schooling?

KZN Home Schooling - DurbanI have included in my article, some definitions for home schooling, given to me by respected, long-standing members of the home school community in South Africa.

There is no 'one' method or way of home schooling. It is like asking someone what their favourite food is. You will get a different answer from each one and certainly one should not expect all answers to be the same. As one has one's own parenting style, so too, does each one have their own 'educating style'.

There is no such thing as the 'wrong' way or method. The experience of home schooling should be looked at in context of where the Lord is leading you and your family. You might begin with one method and change multiple times, or stick with one right the way through.

It is a personal undertaking, dependent on so many unfathomable variables, that one tailor makes to suit one's own life.

"Homeschooling is simply Purposeful Parenting or Deliberate Living!"
Adèle Breedt - Learning alongside three teen boys since toddlerhood…

"Homeschool is to be comfortable with your children and to enjoy them as people.  The learning (teaching) is a by product. (As opposed to moms saying: “It’s the holidays again, what are we going to do with our kids?”) When you homeschool this is not an issue because you live together and homeschooling just happens." 
Saretha LeGrange (homeschooling for 14 years)

In his book Education in the Truth, Norman de Jong defines education as follows: 
"Education is the recreation and development of the True understandings and relationships between God & man, man & fellowman and man & the physical universe. In other words... Education is the divinely instigated and humanly co-operating process whereby persons grow and develop in Life, i.e. in godly knowledge, faith, hope and love through Christ."

Home education is the opportunity for parents to facilitate this process in their children. And what a privilege to be able to do so.

Home Schooling: By Samantha Langford Chairperson: KwaZulu - Natal Home Schooling Association