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Why I Choose to Home School My Children

KZN Home Schooling Association - DurbanWhen one first thinks about home schooling, the impressions that could run through one's mind might include children running riot, hanging from chandeliers, and mom completely losing the plot and admitting defeat. Well, I certainly had those kind of thoughts when the Lord called me to home school my two precious children!

“I could FAIL!" was my immediate reaction (an unmentionable sin to a typical Type A personality). “How could I possibly teach my own children! I have no teaching experience! I don’t have that specific 'gifting' that is essential to being able to home school!”

For the record, I have a Master's degree, but my faith in my own ability to home school was seriously lacking and I thought that I could not possibly 'know enough'. But I am obedient, at least, and so I jumped into the deep end of the pool and something strange began to happen.

About two weeks after removing my son from his school, he began to draw the most creative and beautiful pictures I had ever seen him draw. Then, a certain freedom came over him. He had been struggling to even comprehend words in his class, and one to two months later, he began to pick up books and read them by himself.

I realized, that just by my action of withdrawing him from a system that was failing him, he was beginning to blossom – and I hadn't even started 'teaching' him yet! Or so I thought.

In reality, I was actually teaching him, but indirectly. He was learning that I loved him, that I put him first, and that I considered him more important than the opinions of those wanting to indoctrinate him and squash him into a mold that did not fit him. He began to relax, enjoy himself and he began to naturally and instinctively reach for his own education goals.

Home schooling involves the undertaking to acknowledge one's God-given responsibility, right and privilege to educate your child. I would define it as the greatest privilege ever bestowed upon me, and the grandest adventure that I have ever undertaken.

Just by being a mother I am qualified to home school my children. I have the unique, God-given ability to educate and raise my children – just as each and every mother and father out there has, though they may not know it. 

On the 'good' days, on the 'bad days', on the days when I get a lot done, on days when I don't and even on days when I 'fail my own expectations', I have to humbly acknowledge that I can see without a doubt, that the best person to educate and 'to raise and train up my children in the ways of the Lord', is me.

To believe that someone else, who does not have the love and passion for my children that I have, would be a ‘better’ teacher for them is sheer lunacy. I would not give up my right to be a parent, so why would I give up the hand-in-hand directive that goes with that, namely the right, privilege and responsibility of educating my children?

Having seen and experienced what a precious jewel this rare gift is, I believe it is worth the very real trade off I made. Trading in my full time 'working mom' status, with its financial 'benefit', has left me poorer, but spiritually richer. What is the monetary worth of the obvious delight and joy in the face of a child who revels in his mother and father's love, focus, attention and education? I, for one, would not trade that for anything.

Home Schooling: By Samantha Langford Chairperson: KwaZulu - Natal Home Schooling Association

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