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Do You Teach Your Children to 'stop & smell the roses'?

Sensory Intelligence Most of us are unaware of the effect of our senses when we are trying to make sense of home, life, work and learning.  But the old saying, ‘stop and smell the roses’ is quite significant when you consider where you are and what you are experiencing. 

The senses are the gateway through which information from the outside world is processed and relayed to our brains.

Sensory Intelligence is a unique and revolutionary way of understanding the primitive process by which our body-brain connection interacts with the environment.

Everything in our environment reaches the brain via the senses, through what we hear, see, touch, taste, smell and how we move. At any given time the brain has to respond to the millions of sensory messages it receives and processes.

The world we currently live in is too much, too fast, too loud, too tight as we are overloaded by information and instant gratification is the norm.  

Everyday school environments are filled with noise, children, clutter, touch and movement. Based on one’s unique and individual threshold, one’s brain filters all the sensory information for focus and attention. If it did not, one would experience sensory overload.

Sensory Intelligence is the insight and understanding on how the senses impact on learning, behaviour, emotion, attention and relationships and implementing effective strategies to create calm children and contented families.  

Sensory intelligence Parent Workshops are run by registered, passionate and dedicated Occupational Therapists with expertise knowledge to assist parents in dealing with the daily hurdles of parenting. Our workshops are interactive, experiential and powerful as we measure and manage the impact of the senses on both children and parents. 

Sensory Intelligence highlights how children learn, grow, focus and how we as parents either support or inhibit this fundamental process. All of our facilitators are parents themselves who understand this process and blends it with expert knowledge and background.

Annemarie Lombard, registered Occupational Therapist, with 20 years of experience working with children and training, and author of the book; “Sensory Intelligence, why it matters more than IQ and EQ" is the founder and CEO of Sensory Intelligence and developed the workshops. If you would like to read more about this please visit our link