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Colour In - Bossy Boots Bee

Manners4Minors is a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of using good manners and appropriate life skills.

Ms Manners, who presents lessons as an extra mural at schools and private venues, will demonstrate that behaving in a particular way will ensure that you are liked by your teachers, accepted by your friends and you will have a better chance in life - a well mannered child that becomes a well mannered adult has an enormous advantage over his/her peers.

Click on image below to open pdf of Bossy Boots Bee for your child to colour in.

Colour in - Bee

Offered in numerous schools, nationally, the response from parents, teachers and more importantly children has been phenomenal!

Our puppets help to teach the children the emotional side behind the manners – and they have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons covered, which includes little worksheets to take home depending on the topic that they have covered in the 30 minute, once a week lesson.

This is followed up with weekly electronic parent-feedback newsletters, (from Ms manners to all parents), covering that week’s lesson, selective lesson worksheets and a home merit system; used in conjunction with the lessons to bring it all home.

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