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Practical Tips from a Principal #1

This week I would like to encourage some quiet and gentle activities... ‘drawing’ on your child’s back!

I know this may seem bizarre, but I’m sure there are those amongst you who would love to have someone ‘tickle’ your back - the mere mention of it puts me into a dozy state!

Having had some staff development with Tessa McKenzie (one of our OTs who is a Sensory Intelligence specialist) at our staff meeting on Monday, we were made aware of the need for ALL children to have ALL their senses stimulated from an early age.

With the increase of TV viewing and our busier and busier lifestyles, we are forgetting to do those ‘Old Fashioned’ activities that developed our senses.

So, take just 10 to 15 minutes and encourage a quiet time with your child; draw some shapes (some of the older Grade R and A child could even recognize some letters at this stage) with your finger on your child’s back and ask him/her to identify what you have drawn. After a while, swap around and get your child to do the same on your back!

This stimulates the senses to identify what various body parts are experiencing, without being able to actual see what is being drawn, as well as practising the identification of shapes (and/or letters).

Always remember that an activity of this kind is ONLY meant to take 10 to 15 minutes of your time (not a whole 2 hours production!) as this is the average concentration span of children within these age ranges, but can have far-reaching, positive implications on your child’s holistic development.

Give it a try, and if you are battling with insomnia, you might like being on the receiving end of the activity!

Written by Mrs Gibson, Principal, Christopher Robin Pre-Primary, and reprinted with permission.

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