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School Term Planner

Most of us moms are constantly juggling the chaos & demands of modern life; The children's schedules, sporting commitments, school projects and the remnants of a social life! 

School Term PlannerThe MomsMatter School Term Planner is a simple, easy to use way of making sure you know what everyone in the family is doing on any day of the week during the school term. Keep a note of requirements for school days (ie: PE Kit on Monday, Newspaper Recycle, Anti-Waste Day...) and your children's extra-mural activities.

Use a different coloured pen or highlighter for each child, making it easy for you to see at a glance what's happening. The colour-coding system also encourages the children to recognise that they have commitments on that day (even if they can't read what it is yet!).

Using this Term Planner will help you keep on top of all your school and extra-mural commitments so that things do not slip through the cracks, get lost or simply forgotten regardless of our best efforts or intentions.

My School Term Planner is on the fridge already. I'm looking forward to [trying to be] organised this year!

MomsMatter School Term Planner