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Preparing for the Start of the School Year

back to schoolOh, has the December break not been soooooooooooo long! And so, at the start of the new year you can be sure to discover that your little ones are now not as little as they were in 2008 anymore!

It is a good idea to check your child's uniform before the start of school and purchase what you need. You will be amazed to find that skirt hems need to be let out, or even that bigger sized shirts or shoes are now needed. Be sure to also check their swimming costume and PT kit. They have grown miles!

Next is a trip to the stationery shop. If the school provided you with a list of stationery requirements, so much the better, because then you can visit the stationers alone – without any nagging, begging little voices and certainly save yourself a few Rands while maintaining your sanity! It is a good idea to mark all items with your child's details.

A visit to the hairdresser to get a nice short cut for Boet and to remove all signs of funky holiday styles, will finish them off nicely.

On the day before schools re-open, encourage your children to be prepared for the new school year by asking them to clear their school bags of all items from the previous year and to pack their new stationery inside. Then they can shine their shoes and go off to bed early so that they can wake up refreshed for another exciting year ahead!

Your child will be ready and prepared for the new school year, but remember their most important accessory: a hug and kiss from Mommy or Daddy each and every day!

puzzle mania

by Linda de Jager, Puzzle Mania. 043 726 0559 / 082 077 0305

A top tip from Puzzle Mania:
How to Help a Child Build a Jigsaw Puzzle
  • First, sort the pieces. Put the straight edges which would form the frame one side. Sort the rest of the pieces according to colour shades.
  • Start with the frame (straight edges).
  • You can now start building separate sections or objects, by fitting together the pieces. Eventually, you will be able to fit all your loose sections together.
  • The puzzle can be built by looking at and matching the either the colour or the shape of the pieces.
  • The “busier” a picture, the easier it should be to build. If a picture has large plain areas (such as blue sky or a plain background), the harder it may be.
  • Some puzzles have codes or patterns printed on the back to guide you, or include a full-size poster of the picture on which you can complete the puzzle – making it much easier! But all puzzlers have their own style – however you build, enjoy your puzzle!