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The Age of Innocence

Dress upI don't know about you, but I've often looked at young children playing & been absolutely amazed at their innocence & their wonderful, vivid imaginations. They have the most amazing ability to believe in fairy tales & mystical creatures as well as dream up their own friends, whom they have conversations with! It leaves me standing in awe.

Young children can create their own worlds, they see beauty in everything & everyone, promises are meant to be kept, their feelings & expressions are sincere, they take joy out of the smallest of things, and laughter is always at the tips of their tongues.

But sadly our children are losing these amazing abilities (or absolute belief ) all too quickly & it sometimes feel that we have little grownups in primary schools instead of carefree children. We allow them to grow up faster than what they should & we rob them of a vital part of their development.

I feel that especially in this cold, hard world we are living in at the moment, the innocence of children should be helped to grow & prosper for as long as possible. Allow them to be carefree & adventurous, to believe in fairies & the possibility of a make believe world. Allow them to be pure, pure of heart, spirit & mind. Lets face it…. That is a magical phase of life & every child is entitled to it.

It was after I thought of all of this that my business was born. Hopefully I will be able to extend the innocent age of a couple of children. Then there is another aspect to all of this & that is spreading joy.

Whenever you receive an unexpected gift, you cannot help but feel special & loved. It is the way we are programmed. So with that in mind, just imagine how special a child will feel when they receive an unexpected gift from a magical place or person.

Article courtesy of Packages of Joy... "Let imaginations live a little longer."